Daily Fortune: 3 of Pentacles

I finally have my mail keys! I also did not lose any of my mail that were supposed to come~ Though they are taking a long time to arrive… Three whole months for one of them is really long… Meh~ Here is today’s card~

3 of pentacle

The number 3 usually represent expansion or communication.

Pentacle is an earthy suite and represents the body and the physical world or materials.

Together, they would represent expansion or communication of the physical world and body.

The 3 of pentacle means teamwork, goals, collaboration, and skills.

Whelp. Looks like today’s fortune for me is trying to remind to not screw up today’s dinner since it is my turn to cook. I am making Chicken-Katsu Curry~ It is basically deep fried breaded chicken with Japanese curry on rice. I need to remember to make the rice before school and get the flour after. Oh, and get the art book by Haenuli that arrived at the postal office. 

EditHaenuli is only selling it until January 15. So if you want to buy one, please do it quickly on her shop. She also sells Lolita outfits if you are interested. Well, I hope you have a wonderful killing and please do check our other exhibits on your way out~ Bye bi~


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