Daily Fortune: 6 of Wands

No picture since I rushed to class for an ethics quiz. The readings for it sort of messed with my head a bit. Quote: “If an animal hits the floors, it is a pest”. I do not like animals much but that just sounded terrible. At least, I did well though how I forgot that SOP meant standard of procedure during the quiz is beyond me. On to the card~!

The number 6 represents peace, harmony, chance of love or romance happening, or growth (from words deck). Wands is fire and creativity or inspiration. Together, you have growth of creativity.

The theme of the 6 of wands is excellent news. The meanings are self-confidence, triumph, progress, and effort.

YAY~ Finally, my self-decapitating tendencies will subside for the day and I will finally feel some confidence in myself! I will have progress on my biology readings! Yay for bubble tea study session~ Hehehe~ I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out~


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