Daily Fortune: 8 of Wands

Back from the weekends~ Just celebrated one of my cousin’s birthday yesterday. It was fun~

The number 8 is equated to change and it is considered a lucky number as it is the doubling and canceling of the unlucky 4 (death) in East Asian culture. Wands is fire and creativity.

So together, you get change of creativity and passion (fire).

The meaning of the 8 of Wands is travel, change, movement, and action.

Oh~ I absolutely cannot wait for the weekend to come! It is lunar new year next weekend! The first one I will not spend with my grandparents but, it will still be a joyous holiday nonetheless~ Perhaps I should add some facts about Tết. Hmm… First fact: Tết traditionally lasts for a week unless the Chinese counterpart which is for a month. Well, I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out and please do check out the other exhibits~ Or maybe ask for a reading~?


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