Daily Fortune: High Priestess 

Yo yo~ Back at it again with the cards, eh~?

So the card of the day is the high priestess.

She looks up at you as if she is content at the bottom of a well. A well of knowledge and hope.

The meaning of the High Priestess is mystery, potential, and thirst for knowledge

Woo~ Chatime has new teas~ I want to try the new blueberry muffin mousse tea! Mana-chan will be there as well~ Yay~

Also, second day that I will have to work with a lab rat. We are making it get used to the testing environment before we inject medicine into the little creature and observing its socal preferences between another live rat and a doll. It is fun, though I cannot hold the rat since it turns out I might have a phobic of touching anything too alive. Have not actually tried to touch a dog in basically five years. I like looking at pictures of cute animals but I will not get close or else my allergies will act up. I have to wear a mask just to stand next to the cages full of lab rats. Even then, it feels hard to swallow or breath deeply.

Oh well, I hope you have a wonderful killing and please do check out the other exhibits on your way out of the circus~ Bye bye~

Another fact about Tết: the Vietnamese have a superstition that how your day is on Tết will be what your year will look like. For example, you have a test on that day, then it means that your year will be full of tests.


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