Daily Reading: Ace of cups

Ahahahaha, I forgot to post yesterday’s fortune. Oops? 

Ace are considered to be beginnings, new focus or directions, and taking initiative. Cups are associated with water and emotions. Together, it is the beginning of emotions.

The meaning of Ace of Cups: compassion, health, intimacy, emotion, and love.

Yay~ Tết is also here! It is this Saturday~ Which means Cassiel may take part in the festivity since he watches over Saturdays~

Tết fact: there is are flowers associated with Tết in Việt Nam. They are the apricot blossoms (Bông Hoa Mai) and the peach blossoms (Bông Hoa Đào)~ The peach blossoms are typically used more in in the North of Việt Nam, while the south is more fond of the yellow apricot blossoms~ My family prefer to use the apricot blossoms, though the ones that we have are not real as there are family members with plant allergies and that we can reuse the same ones each year.

I hope you have a wonderful killing and please do check out the other exhibits on your way out~ Bye bi~


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