Daily Fortune: Reverse Empress

Back from the weekend of studying for my first test of the term~

Moa: baaaaa…(barely…)

Oh, hush Moa. You cannot say anything since you were basically sleeping most of the time. Anyway, onto the fortune~

The theme of the Empress is one of relations.

The meaning of the reverse Empress is insecurity, negligence, and overbearing tendencies.

Ouch. That does not sound good. Better study extra hard during my break to make sure the fortune is not about my test.

Moa: baaaaa, babababa baaaaa? (Hmm, like how you did today?)

Moa. Please stop, I do not need any sass right now. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful killing and please do check out the other exhibits on your way out of the circus~


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