Daily Fortune: 10 of Swords and Monthly Fortune

Today is not only the start of a new month, but it is also Mana-chan’s birthday~ Otanjōbi omedetō ~♡ Let see what is store for us today~

10 of Swords = defeat, loss, crisis, and bad luck.

Um… Oh dear… That does not sound nice for the first day of a month and a birthday… Mana-chan should take extra care today since bad luck on birthdays are harsher than than on normal days… (where did that information come from?)

Onto the monthly fortune~

Week 1 of the month which is actually next week: Knight of Swords – hasty, good intentions, opinionated, and assertive. (But why does the knight look so tired and defeated in the picture if the card has a pretty positive meaning?)

Week 2: Reverse Queen of Swords – overly critical, rude, harsh, and spiteful. (Ouch…)

Week 3: Hermit – searching, solitude, introspection, and guidance. (Lovely, this week is also reading week for me so I will be trying to do some soul searching around a family that will not leave me alone in peace.)

Week 4: Reverse Star – despair, lack of creativity, focusing on the negative. (I am screwed this week… Better do some actual work during reading week if I want to avoid this…)

Overview of Month: 2 of Pentacle- balance, optimism, adaptability, partnership. (Sure looks like balance and adaptability are the most likely here actually according to the other cards…)

Hm… Oh well? I hope you have a wonderful killing today~ Bye bi~


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