Happy Women’s day and Daily Fortune: Knight of Swords

Happy women’s day everyone! Let’s see what this¬†auspicious day will bring us~

Knight: motion

Swords: reason and air

Knight of Swords = motion of reason

Meaning of this card: hasty, good intentions, opinionated, and assertions

March 8th. The eighth day of the third month. 3 in the West seems to be a vibrant number while it sounds like “growth” and “birth” in the East. March is the month that marks the beginning of spring. 8 is a very lucky number in the East as it sounds like “prosper” and “wealth” while in the West, it means balance. Therefore, it is the lucky day of the first month of spring.

My~ Such a nice fortune for a day of strength, justice, and equality. Even if I were a women, I cannot stay home as I start my first day of volunteer today. But, I will be in support of fighting against inequality~ A lot of chaos is there and I want to be in the center of it all~ Hehehe~ I hope you have a wonderful killing today~


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