Cardfight!!! Vanguard

I play the trading card game, Cardfight!!! Vanguard. How about you?

The clans that I mainly use is Granblue, but I am still building my Gear Chronicles, Kagero and Shadow Paladin decks while collecting the Touken Ranbu clan on the side. I am a beginner and have not done much to practice using my decks at all. I have also noticed a theme about the type of style I like to play, destruction. Whether it be retiring your cards to the drop zone for effects and resources, preventing your opponent from having certain grades, killing off your opponent by wearing down their resources, or sacrificing your own cards for more power; I just want to kill off something.

My main deck of Granblue follows the newer version of the clan, lead by Vampire Princess of the Night Fog, Night Rose. Though, I really would love to have Nightmist, Lord of the Seven Seas. I have the grade 4 Blueheart, Pirate King of the Abyss. I have loads of fun playing and attempting to learn how play this deck. I am so looking forward to the new boosters in the Rummy Labyrinth Booster Expansion! I should maybe look into investing in more Pale Moon cards as well…

Devour despair and rise! Right now, I’m here! – Chouno Am from Cardfight!!! Vanguard G

Kagero was the first clan that caught my eye and tried to main until I was introduced to Granblue after I showed an interest in the dead and undead; I was hooked onto Vanguard due to the character, Kai Toshiki. While I admit Aichi is a cutie patootie and a precious cinnamon bun that should be protected, Kai was strong and serious. I wanted to be like him, powerful enough to burn my way through my enemies to protect my beloveds. He is also a tsundere, which I love about him. Cute is justice, but gap moe is godly!

Ride the Vanguard! Burn everything in this world to ash with your apocalyptic fire! – Kai Toshiki from Cardfight!!! Vanguard

Gear chronicles is a deck I have yet to play with. It was a clan that was introduced to me by the same person/people who introduced Granblue after my connection with Cassiel and the Fates was revealed, along with my long-time obsession with antiques, ancient things, steampunk, and motifs of time. Mana-chan, I know you already got a pocket watch for my birthday next month, but please don’t get me another one after that. I already have a massive collection of broken pocket watches with only one still working. I like time, alright? I absolutely hate being late, since that will cause people to watch my moves as I come into class as if I murdered someone in front of them. I am not sure how to feel about the new main character though… His hair looks stupid, but that could be said the same about every main character created by Itou Akira and the influences of Takahashi Kazuki.

Lead me to the future! Open up the path before me! – Shindou Chrono from Cardfight!!! Vanguard G

Shadow Paladin was clan that I passively collected on the side until the new trial deck, Ritual of Dragon Sorcery, caught my eye. I still have not gotten around to making the trial deck mine. The character, Shouji Kazuma, appear to have similar personality characteristics as me though~

Devour! Until you seize the world you are seeking! – Shouji Kazuma

Touken Ranbu is a clan that I collect just because, and that my twin dragged me into sword boys hell… Though, I am rethinking playing this clan due to several creepy thirsty people who just basically ruins the clan for everyone else in the cosplay community who knows them. One of them only cosplayed a character from the game from which the clan originated from, in order to find someone to date. They could not say the name of the character they were cosplaying correctly! Disgusting! All of them call themselves “nice people” and that they do not understand why they cannot find someone to date. Yeah, no. Ew. Stay away from my cards and I. Fix your damn personalities before I will even remotely consider playing a match against you.

Anyone want to help me learn or play a match against me? Oh, once I get out of this funk or finish my finals, I will return to doing the daily fortune corner again. I apologize for the hiatus again…

The featured image belongs to Bushiroad.


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