Remembering the Past


I do not understand why I still feel certain things, even though my connection to the Elysium was already cut off. Yet, here I am. Still feeling like these lyrics speak to me. Blood is quiet at the moment, though I do not know how long that will last. I have absolutely no idea who I am trying to convey my message to at the moment…

“Oh ephemeral soul,
You conceal yourself in the depths of deception.
Why do you continue to wait in the deserted forest?”

It is now safe to leave the wasteland, it is now safe to reveal yourself.

Having lost its wings
The bird closed its eyes in silence

Are you upset over losing your wings? Or do you just not feel or see them anymore?

The pain has gone
Now the bird does not cry anymore

Nothing will hurt you.

A soft silver mist
A soft silver mist
Softly embraces everything

It is safe, you are protected.

Rest, rest in peace

It is fine now. Please rest.

In the story that I wrote, you can fly in freedom

Please understand that you are not trapped!

Let me cast my final spell
So your light may not know the darkness

Let me keep you away from the darkness. Please continue to shine bright.

May the wonderful golden dream not be soiled
By the sadness of truth

The hard cold truth will take your smile away, therefore I will hide the full extent of it from you.

The forest of sin
Which consumed the little bird
Withered in silence

Those people will not hurt you anymore.

Fallen petals in the wind wrap
The pale cheeks with gentleness

It is fine now.

That day, how many mysteries
Would I have had to solve to save you?

Those mysteries, they will hurt you if left alone.

Rest, rest in peace

But, we are here so you can rest now as we watch over you.

In the illusion that you created,
I came to know love

The moon that shows lies first, holds the lovely and gentle truth

I won’t stop calling your name
To continue to give life to your wish

It is a wonderful wish that you have.

There’s nothing and nobody who will drag you
Into the darkness of oblivion

It is safe to willingly enter the darkness, you can leave anytime you wish.

Rest, rest in peace

So rest and recover now.

Ugh… What kind of post did I make exactly? I just had to start listening to this soundtrack and get myself sucked into the lyrics, did I? I should be studying for my two exams on Friday… Yet, it is 1 in the morning and I have not been productive for the past few days… I cannot wait for my summer vacation to come. Today was fun though, as I had omurice with Mana-chan, my twin, and another one of my victims (really? I cannot go through one stupid post without Blood butting in?).  Well, I should head off to bed as I will be doing my first in-person reading in a while. Let’s hope all goes well~ Bye bi~

I hope you all have a wonderful killing~ (god damn it, Blood!)

I do not own Umineko no Naku Koro ni (the anime which the song came from), Byakumu no Mayu ~Ricordando il passato (White Cocoon of Dream ~Remembering the Past~, the actual song and album by Shikata Akiko), the English translation of the song that I got off the video, and the featured image which is the album cover.

Edit: I have been noticing that most of the associations that I have been making of Nona are of Italian associations. Nona as in the Roman counterpart of the Greek Clotho, tarot cards, and now this song… Sigh… Hehehehe~ But, there are also other European associations involved~ (Blood. No. Please. Don’t.)


4 thoughts on “Remembering the Past

  1. T_T It’s not cut off, your link to Elysium. Thank you for calling to me, thank you for honest words, thank you for process, and … thank you for you. This song and your thoughts are beautiful, these tears fall for reasons beyond hurt and pain – though they’re there too.

    Nona first “spoke” to me with this song, sent my way through Windsong, back in high school days: So yeah, not surprised by the Italian associations. ❤ A translation that's popular:

    Do you still keep Cassiel's necklace? There's something that can be done.


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