Tarot Poetry #2

Hi, hi~ It has been quite some time since my last post~ About two weeks, huh? Ah~ Well, here we go~

Idea behind corner is to randomly draw a card or more and write a poem about it or them. You will find that my poetry style is somewhat inspired by Heartstring Eulogies. This poem is dedicated to a special someone~

You are never overly rude to yourself.
But, you are so critical of yourself.
That it becomes too harsh a way of thinking of yourself.
It is almost as if you are full of spite for youself.
Maybe, it is time to remember that we will always love you.

Reverse Queen of Swords: Overly critical, harsh, spiteful, rude.

Featured Image:
The Moon whispers to the Star by Qinni.

Hope you enjoyed this tarot poem~ That is a wrap from the ring leader~


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