This is a page dedicated to the information that I found, discovered, and interpreted about the archangel Cassiel. This page will be updated once in a while to reflect the amount of new information found. Image is from DubuGomdori on Deviant art

  • Other names: Casiel, Caziel, Kassiel, Cashiel, Qafsiel, or Qaphsiel
  • Angel of tears, solitude, and temperance
  • Lord of Saturn and the moon (as Qaphsiel due to Kyriel handing him it or something)
  • Rules over the sign of Capricorn
  • Ruler of the 7th heaven “Araboth”
  • Provides serenity and teaches temperance
  • Can speed up time
  • Element is earth
  • Associated with dragons since he can tame them
  • Angel that guards over Saturday
  • Is the World and the Devil (in different system) cards in tarot
  • Kefitzat Haderech/”The shortening of the Way” = Cassiel’s spell
  • Lost his mate due to his involvement in the war of the angels that also caused his judgement and taboo, he was hasty in either his choosing of which side to take or trying to shorten a war that was not to be shorten as he was supposed to stay neutral
  • Works alongside the Three Fates/Moirai/Parsae, this involvement may have be the reason he was titled the Lord of Time
  • Feared by the other angels
  • May wish for his mate back to restore the order of time (one of the Three Fates)
  • Tsukuyomi, Shiva, and Mors/Thanatos (Bloody Earth: Ew… Incest. Nona: Oh, cut it.) may be other expressions of Cassiel
  • Frequently drawn to water as it is a divine conductor and can be used to cleanse away feelings of negativity

Edit (April 17, 2017)

  • Actually has friends (shockingly)
  • Every occupant in his domain has a soft spot for cute things
  • Kept the four treasures within this domain for safe keeping, while used one as a patrol dog (walked in on Cassiel and his mate too many times by accident) and allowed another to be his student/charge/ward (was close to Fafnir since it stayed in the dragon’s pavalion and garden most of the time)
  • Is the Master of Dragons (they’re his scouts) and likes cats as well
  • Keeps way too many secrets from others, including his beloved ones
  • Is protective over those he is friends with
  • A big tsundere, but also once in a while will be in the mood to tease
  • Likes to annoy Suriel a lot
  • Like testing people on unknown criteria
  • Has a visible form in the game Force of Will as Alisaris, the Time Arsonist

Several pictures that I found on Google that I thought looked remotely like Cassiel17965621_10212784090142024_470555253_n

Cassiel as he reads through the archive of Time (This picture, I do not know who made it.)


Cassiel as he trains a new dragon to scout (Picture is actually a fanart of Ishida Mitsunari from Sengoku Basara, drawn by someone…)


Cassiel introducing some of his new dragons to his mate (Actual picture was drawn by Hellobaby, commissioned by Brynalia.

Edit (April 28, 2017):

  • The scholar and divine secret keeper, who is also one of Cassiel’s best friends, records the Archive of Time for Cassiel
  • Cassiel made a sacrifice for the scholarship
  • Cassiel pretended to be someone’s lover to protect two of his friends from Suriel

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