Happy Valentine’s Day~ Page of wands

Hi hi hi~ Love is in the air today~ I can almost smell it in my bones (the blood that pulses through my victims’ veins)~

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Daily Fortune: Reverse Judgement 

Whelp. Suddenly went on a hiatus due to midterms and assignments. Sorry about that~ Onto the card of the day~

Reverse Judgement: self doubt, false accusations, and unfair blame

No photos this time… sorry 

To be honest, I already knew that today would be bad as I seem to have forgotten my glasses in a place where I will not go back until the weekend and that I am panicking over several lost novels that were missing for months without me noticing… Sigh… At least reading week is coming up and I take get to have some time to cool off my head. Well, I hope you have a wonderful killing and please do check out the other exhibits on your way out of the circus~ Bye bi~

Daily Fortune: Reverse Ace of Wands

Too tired after almost completing an assignment due tonight at midnight. Also still sick so yeah… At least, I will be getting my touken ranbu cardfight vanguard cards today. I hope you have a wonderful killing and I am off to bed now. The fortune corner has closed but the other exhibits are still open. Bye~