Daily Fortune: Page of Pentacles

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Review of Haenuli’s Artbook and A Bit of My Own Problems.

Content warning: drawings of skeletons and nudity, mentions of depression, suicidal thoughts, and death.

I finally have time to do a long overdue review of this beautiful artbook by Haenuli Shin that I have mentioned before~ I am not allowed to scan or share any of the pages inside, but I will do my best to translate the beauty of this into words.

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Scared of rejection, fear of hatred, turmoil of craziness. Should I have sent the message or should I have not. I do not want to leave my house right now but I have to for class. But should I just skip? Did I step too far out of the line? Should I just stay in my corner, hoping no one would try to drag me out? But I am a jester. I must bring pleasure and joy to others, even with a frown underneath my mask. It is all in the day’s work of faking it until you make it, even if I will never make it to the end.