Rest in Peace, Kim Jonghyun

So hi… This is the host body, Chizuru, talking here. Blood has taken a backseat for the entire term to allow me to focus on my education (I took too many programming courses and a math course at once! I’m dying…); though I can very much tell that they will be unleashed once I finish my last exam tomorrow morning… All Hell will break loose, I swear… I know that it has been more than three months or so since my last post, but this is a topic dear to my heart. Yes, Kim Jonghyun is one of my favourite K-pop idols among many. But, I have a more important reason to talk about his death.

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Review of Haenuli’s Artbook and A Bit of My Own Problems.

Content warning: drawings of skeletons and nudity, mentions of depression, suicidal thoughts, and death.

I finally have time to do a long overdue review of this beautiful artbook by Haenuli Shin that I have mentioned before~ I am not allowed to scan or share any of the pages inside, but I will do my best to translate the beauty of this into words.

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A Midnight Story

I hate rabbits. You know why~? I want to kill all the plot bunnies running and breeding around in my head. I need my sleep too! How else will I have the energy to continue having fun and torturing victims~? Che. Here. Enjoy. Damn rabbits. I do not own the featured image as always~ It is by Ninjatic on deviantart~

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