Mystic Mana Monday 

Caw caw ~ it’s your hauntingly magical host, Sleepy Mana here. Time to get this circus on a roll. Hold on tight as we travel into the world of dreams and spirit animals~

I recently discovered that I have been surrounded by crows. More so than usual, too. They tend to fly in large flocks over my head as I go outside for a walk, and they also greet me as I wake up. I know it is fall and crows do tend to fly around during this season as winter is approaching . . .  However, each time I encountered these birds, I sensed a calming and almost reassuring sort of protection. It was as if I was being watched over by many protective eyes are once, ensuring my safety. This had happened last year as well, in a very similar manner. It was due to these circumstances that I came to realizing that my spirit animal is most likely the crow. Upon researching, I found that having this bird as your spirit animal means that you have a character of great integrity, that see things through until the very end no matter what happens. You do not have a sense of time; everything you do is grounded in the ‘here and the now’ – you live for each and every second and take things as they come. The crow is also a bird that symbolizes change; you are an individual who is comfortable changing yourself, just as the leaves change without hesitation every autumn. 

Although I have never encountered crows in any of my dreams, I encourage you to examine your own dreams for any sign that your spirit animal could be calling to you. Spirit animals do not always have to make their presence known in the real world, for the dream world is just as important for self-realization. Just one occurrence of an animal in a dream is not a signifier that it is your spirit animal. It should appear in more than one dream, and bring with it a very specific positive feeling. Examine the context I which the animal appears in your dream. Is it protecting you from something? Are you searching for it? Remember to record your dreams as soon as you wake up, an in as much detail as you can. Keep track of your dreams and you might spot your spirit animal’s presence. . .  Good luck~ May the spirit (animals) embrace you kindly in your sleep tonight ~


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